vehicle access management


It is common for organizations to have a daily inflow and outflow of vehicles. Manual recording and authentication of a vehicle’s details such as the purpose of visit, driver details and vehicle number becomes difficult. Additionally, extra man-hours get invested in verifying vehicle details and maintaining the database. Sometimes, manual interaction of these details compromises security of the respective organization. To overcome these challenges, Matrix has designed a web-based solution for tracking and managing the movement of different types of vehicles coming and going out of an organization’s premises. Matrix Vehicle Access Management allows /denies vehicle access, creates vehicle profile, produces real-time summary, sends SMS/E-mail notifications and generates informative reports.


  • Fast Vehicle Access in Less than One Sec
  • Vehicle Profile for Different Vehicle Categories
  • Saves Time and Enhances Security
  • Restricts Unauthorized Vehicle Entry
  • Records each Entry and Exit of Vehicle Digitally
  • Tracks Vehicle Movement in Real-time


Create Vehicle Profile with Driver Details

To have proper record of a vehicle, Matrix Vehicle Access Management allows creation of vehicle profile for every vehicle entering the premises. The creation of vehicle profile includes details such as vehicle type, registration number, vehicle category, owner details, etc. Moreover, it includes driver details such as name, driver ID, license type and license number.

Vehicle Access Control

To restrict unauthorized access for specific areas and have vehicle access for a defined time at specific zones, Matrix Vehicle Access Management defines route based access for vehicles inside the premises. Separate access cards can be assigned for both the drivers and the vehicles wherein access will be granted on showing both the cards simultaneously. This ensures high-end security for the valuable assets.

Live Dashboard to Track Vehicle Movement

The intuitive interface of Matrix Vehicle Access Management’s live dashboard monitors the movement of every vehicle. It shows live status of the vehicle pass. This helps identify pre-registered passes of vehicles and drivers.

Comprehensive Vehicle Access Reports

Informative reports are the final outcome and helps analyse data. Through Matrix Vehicle Access Management, admin can generate customized reports such as pass count, pass details, pass events and blacklisted vehicles/drivers in various file formats including PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, CSC and TXT.