About Us

The Network Guide, popularized as TNG, is ISO 9001:2015 certified distributor with a prime focus and significant market share in North America and the Middle East. With a global reach and offices spanning out of North America, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and India, our company is the leading IT distributor.

We currently are distributor partners of below brands:
Nomadix Inc.
Matrix Comsec

We have over 1000+ customers/reseller partners across hospitality, IT, retail and manufacturing industries.

We provide IT solutions for domestic and international enterprises, empowering them with security and communication to support business growth. Furthermore, we employ a leading house of technicians, engineers, and service providers with decades of combined experience to provide top-notch solutions, customer service, and value to customers. Therefore, we ensure customer satisfaction and exceed expectations through our dedicated and extensive service practices and expertise.

We’ve spread our expertise across the globe to provide worldwide support to our customers and business partners.


We strive to provide high-quality, affordable security and communication IT solutions. Therefore, our vision as a company is to provide these solutions diligently to your customers and business partners. All solutions should justify their cost and offer a quick return on investment for the end-user. Therefore, we source from fair business partners to provide excellent solutions at competitive price points. Here at TNG, we envision that your next security and communication IT solution should be an affordable investment and not a financial burden. Further, we intend to expand, include and support multiple business relationships to shape the IT security and communications landscape.


Our mission is to support technological growth and provide sophisticated IT Communication and Access Control solutions for North America, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC. Furthermore, we strive to be active contributors to the North American IT Communication and Access control community through partnerships and lasting business relationships.

Our Management Divisions Include
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Service
Our Service Departments Handle
  • Requests – We process requests from vendors and distribution partners
  • Repairs – We help you connect with our partners to handle repairs
  • Technical Support – Our experts provide world-class technical support at your beck-and-call
  • Training – We train business and partners on industry best practices

With decades of technical expertise and an expansive distribution network, TNG is your perfect IT Solutions partner.


Our business partners are primarily system integrators, VARs, and retailers. We help build relationships and dependable sales channels for future growth. Therefore, they can work rest assured knowing that TNG has their back at all times.

We work predominantly to ensure that our reseller/ partners develop strong sales connections with top notch technologies. Moreover, we ensure that our products reach all the right customers on time through our extensive marketing, branding, and distribution efforts.

We help execution-driven IT solutions providers expand their market, empower growth, and reach end-customers with their products. Overall, with a sound business strategy, get the results you want with TNG.

Brands Offered