ITSM Services

ITSM Services

Shaimaa Networks has an exclusive team experienced in IT Service Management. We offer a wide range of IT Service Management consulting and implementation services for all types of businesses.

ITSM Consultation

ITSM Strategic Consultation
Our industry expert team operates in a specific manner ensuring the quality service delivery and service excellence. They operate in the following steps:

  • Understand the business vison, mission and goals
  • Understand and assess the current existing ITSM processes
  • Identify the bottlenecks in the existing processes
  • Identify if business vision and mission are aligned with the processes
  • Creates a problem statement that describes the problems and issues with the existing processes.
  • Works with the senior management and take the cognizance of the business strategy.
  • Helps in the development of IT strategies that are accurately aligned with the business strategies.
  • Identify resources and opportunities that will improve the current operations.
  • Create an effective ITSM Plan
  • Helps your senior management and leaders develop short, medium and long term goals that will help business to deliver its greatest possible business value and customer outcomes.
  • Prioritize these short, medium and long term goals and
    Generate a road-map for these short, medium and long term goals for their tactical and operational execution.

ITSM Process Consultation and Design
Our ITSM consultants spearhead the activities that includes scoping and process development. Our team operates in the following manner:

  • If your business has no ITSM processes running.
    • Determine what ITSM processes will suit your business initially. Those processes are chosen that create agility and efficiency in your IT Service deliver.
    • Wash away the complexity of IT processes through a simple model that will help transform your IT environment towards quality IT service delivery.
  • Understand the existing I2.3. ITSM Maturity AssessmentsTSM processes, and analyze them with your team.
  • Identify the areas of weakness and strengths of the existing ITSM processes.
  • Build ITMS processes from scratch and improve existing ITSM processes.
  • Incorporate industry best practices in building and/or improving the ITSM processes.
  • Create a functional design for an ITSM process that includes the process design, process policy creation, process roles creation, process metrics creation, process compliance roadmap to the industry best practices.
  • Creates process design document, process policy document, process roles document, process metrics document, etc.

ITSM Maturity Assessments
Your processes are in place doing their jobs for your business. You will surely want to know:

  • Are these processes effective?
  • Are they efficient?

There must be the way by which you can measure your processes. This is a must. Once you are able to measure your processes then only you can think of any improvements they may need.

Our ‘ITSM Maturity Assessment’ program allows you to determine the status of your processes. This program aligns your mission for the process with the way you can accomplish that mission.

This program delivers Service Management process improvement plan that is well structured, actionable and measurable. This program helps you achieve quick wins and grow the satisfaction and confidence of your customers and stakeholders.

Broadly speaking this program includes:

  • Assessment Surveys
  • Process Documentation Review
  • Interview with people who are involved in the process
  • Gather feedback from the people who are involved in the process
  • Assessment Gaps
  • Assessment Reports

ISO 20k Consultancy
ISO 20k is the first formal international standard for IT Service Management. It is the most sought after benchmark for effective and efficient ITSM.

At Shaimaa Networks we have experts who can help companies in being practical and realistic in achieving this ISO 20k standard in their premises. It helps your organization achieve ISO 20k standard certification. Our ISO 20k Constancy program offers many benefits to the organizations:

  • Making the organization capable in delivering their customers outcomes.
  • 360-degree approach in improving the efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and consistency of IT services.
  • Making the organization able to adapt to the changing and challenging business demands.
  • Giving you a competitive edge over others because your IT service will be more likely to be chosen by the new customers or renewed by the existing customers owing to your ISO 20k certification.

ITSM Platform Selection

Shaimaa Networks specializes in ITSM tools evaluation and helps the organization to choose one of the ITSM tools fit for their needs. There are myriad factors involved in the process. For example, degree of maturity of ITSM processes, complexity these processes handle, size of the company, etc. play pivotal roles in determining the suitable ITSM tool for your organization.

ITSM Tool Selection
This service makes easy for your organization to take a decision on the tool that fits your business needs. It provides thorough assessment and evaluation of ITSM tools in the market to your management. It enables your organization to maximize the investment in the tool that becomes aid in achieving your business goals

Shaimaa Networks Approach:
Shaimaa Networks invest its resources to understand your business vision, mission, strategy and the how you conduct your business. After thorough knowhow our experts build the criteria for the selection of ITSM tools. The criteria ensure that there is a consistent mapping to the ITSM processes running in your organization.

The key points involve in the criteria includes:

  • cost effectiveness,
  • strategic direction of the organization,
  • how far the tool implements industry best practices,
  • consistency among the ITSM processes in the tool,
  • how far your ‘Must Haves’ are take care of by the tool,
  • is the tool easy to integrate with other IT and Business systems?
  • what is the score of the tool on the offered functionality?
  • what is the score of the tool beyond the offered functionality?
  • the kind of support that the ITSM tool vendor can provide,
  • involving the users and their feedback,
  • analyze the level of acceptance the users will have for the ITSM tool initially,
  • usability,
  • self-service, etc.

Shaimaa Networks uses its vendor-independent evaluation process to choose the required ITSM tool fitting the business needs of your organization.

ITSM Platform Implementation

Shaimaa Networks has an extensive expertise in implementing an ITSM tool in your IT environment.

ITSM Tool Implementation Planning
This is the planning phase that triggers the ITSM tool implementation. There are scores of activities involved in this phase. The key ones are:

  • Understanding Business strategy and objectives
  • Determine the implementation project Vision
  • Determine the implementation project scope and goals
  • Identifying and communicating with stakeholders
  • Conduct the assessment of the current business situation
  • Choosing the right place to start
  • Define the processes that will be implemented.
  • Define the appropriate metrics for processes measurement
  • Create a framework for this organizational change.

ITSM Tool Implementation Strategy
This is the implementation strategy phase that involves important activities. The key activities are:

  • Identifying a Project Management approach
  • Creating a communication plan (Awareness Campaign)
  • Create a roadmap for ITSM processes implementation
  • Allocate and organize resources

ITSM Tool Implementation Methodology
This is the phase where the implementation approach will be decided. There are many approaches to ITSM implementation. For instance, ITSM agile, lean ITSM, evolution methodology, etc. We, at Shaimaa Networks, prefers to adopt agile methodology because of being iterative in nature. This approach allows us to function in iterative mode where one process is implemented in one iteration. This ensures that the outcome of each work package is immediately seen and corrections can be made in the next iteration.

ITSM Tool Designing
This is the phase where the actual designing of the processes happens on the tool itself. The major activities are:

  • Design the process in the tool
  • Program the process in the tool
  • Develop proper controls for the process in the tool
  • Create the metrics dashboards for the process for different roles
  • Ensure the process is properly integrated with the required processes and IT and Business systems
  • Develop the proper Test environment.
  • Configure the tool as per the requirements
  • Perform the required data migration
  • Test the tool for the process in the test environment.
  • Ensuring compliance with the project plans
  • Project governance and Quality Assurance
  • Conduct trainings on the tool for the users.

ITSM Tool Deployment
This is the phase where the process is deployed to the production environment for business use.

  • Deploy the process in the production
  • Conduct Post Implementation Review
  • Conduct trainings for the end users

ITSM Documentation

Shaimaa Networks specializes in developing custom process documentation. This includes ITSM processes, flow diagrams, RACI charts, process policies, roles and responsibilities, etc.