IP Video Surveillance


Video surveillance is an important part of any organization's security strategy. Security and safety of human resources, physical and intellectual assets are of utmost importance. In addition, productivity and discipline aspects are also linked with video surveillance. However, the video surveillance products available in the market today offer reactive security. Moreover, these solutions stop at mere monitoring and recording, lacking the intelligent features that offer centralized control over the solution. Furthermore, with the advent of IP solutions, bandwidth and storage requirements have dramatically increased leading to higher cost of overall solution preventing organizations to shift to the superior IP solution.

Matrix presents SATATYA – a family of Network Video Surveillance solutions specifically engineered for large organizations to address their enterprise grade applications. The offering in terms of solution includes an enterprise Video Management system with Video Analytics, NVRs and IP camera. Considering the need of today's globalized organizations, the entire Matrix solution focuses on four major aspects, which are preventive security, centralized control with ease of management, storage space optimization and efficient bandwidth utilization.