HSIA (High Speed Internet Access)

HOTELS today must go beyond providing Internet access in the guestrooms to meet theneeds of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) travelers, Today’s technology-savvy travelers arrive athotels with their laptops, smart phones and personal digital assistants upon which they wantto access the Internet and Internet-enabled applications at their convenience, from anywherein your establishment. Whether they download large mail attachments, make Internet calls orstream videos, they consume a lot of bandwidth. And their demand keeps growing. Whetheryou offer internet as a free service or for a fee, having it can be the deciding factor of whether the traveler will return to your facility. Keeping in view of this TNG has partnered with world class vendors to provide HSIA solutions

Nomadix offers gateways for seamless wired and wireless connectivity solutions across public access networks and enterprises. Nomadix gateways have earned a global reputation for unparalleled reliability and ease of management. As one customer put it, “They just work.” Nomadix throughput enhancement technologies make available bandwidth stretch further, slowing the pace of investment in bandwidth upgrades and enabling revenue generation and customization in a number of business models. With Nomadix, public access network providers are able to deploy cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use network services. Nomadix is a wholly owned subsidiary company of DOCOMO interTouch.
Nomadix solutions address the High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) requirement across numerous market sectors, whether it is a visitor dominated environment or a network that is largely based on member/subscriber connections.

AG 5900

The AG 5900 is a next generation, high-performance Internet access gateway that enables the creation of a public Internet access network. Designed with scalability in mind to accommodate medium to large sized venues — from hotels to airports to stadiums and convention centers — the AG 5900 features the flexibility to support from 500 up to 8,000 simultaneous devices, and up to tens of thousands of devices when using our clustering feature. With a throughput of 1.5 gigabits per second, the AG 5900 can meet growing bandwidth demands while keeping Internet traffic flowing

  • Up to 8000 simultaneous users in single box, unlimited with cluster
  • Popular for Hotspot Applications
  • Full Feature set for small venues
  • Up to 3 WAN ports with load balacing

Download AG 5900 Datasheet

AG 2500

The AG 2500 is a next-generation Internet access gateway that extends a wired or Wi-Fi network to create a public Internet access network. Designed for smaller properties, such as hotels with fewer than 150 rooms, the AG 2500 supports up to 500
simultaneous mobile devices.
Download AG 5900 Datasheet

  • Up to 500 simultaneous users
  • Popular for Hotsopt Applications
  • Full feature set for small venues
  • Up to 3 WAN ports with load balancing

Alloc8–X Application & Bandwidth Management Appliance

  • Troubleshoot and resolve end-user connection problems faster
  • Facilitate proactive network management through easy-to-read graphs and alerts
  • Maximize ROI — control overall network costs, mitigate rebates and ensure return visits
  • Gain visibility, understand and control traffic on your hotel's network by prioritizing applications

The Alloc8–X Series' Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology combines real-time monitoring, analytics, reporting and an intelligent recommendation engine to provide network operators with the visibility to pinpoint the sources of congestion and delays. By shifting the paradigm from capacity management to demand management, the Alloc8–X enables network operators to more efficiently use the bandwidth they are paying for over a longer period of time. And, with auto-generated, easy-to-read reports, the task of communicating network status and usage to both internal and external customers is a snap.
The Alloc8 takes the guesswork out of managing traffic demand. Combining Nomadix's expertise in bandwidth management with network optimization technology, the Alloc8–X Series provides network managers and operators a solution for prioritizing critical applications and highly throughput-sensitive applications over others in real time.
Download Alloca8x series Datasheet