iva crowd management


With growing business, the number of people frequenting your premises increases. Managing the crowd becomes essential to ensure Security and Quality Service. After a point, it becomes difficult to handle the growing number of people. This increases security risks besides other problems. Overcrowding leads to many security concerns including stampede, brawls, vandalism, etc. which cause serious loss. The crowd needs to be managed at Malls (through Queue Management system), Health Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Stadiums, etc. Therefore, one needs a solution that can effectively keep a check on the crowd and sends notifications or alerts in case of overcrowding.

To assist this, Matrix Video Surveillance has Crowd Management solution.

Retail stores, hospitals, banks, etc. which have a large number of people coming and going throughout the day can make the most of Matrix Crowd Management solutions.

Capabilities of this solution are intriguing. Its applications are found in increasing security as well as improving marketing and customer service. People Counting effectively helps in keeping a count of the people entering or leaving the premises. Furthermore, it generates timely reports which help in observing the crowd trend.

It helps in evaluating the effectiveness of promotional activities and visual merchandising in attracting the customer. People Counting solutions also help in defining targets by realizing the actual sales conversion ratio.

Moreover, with the help of People Counting, one can identify peak hours and when the queue near billing counters increases a defined limit, an alert can be sent to the manager. He can then open another billing counter to avoid customer inconvenience.

Crowd management solutions

  • Both In/Out Count using a Single Camera
  • Live Display of In/Out Count
  • Premise Availability for People ( Occupancy Control)
  • Camera-wise Report Generation
  • Applicable for all Platforms: GE, ME, LE


  • SATATYA SAMAS CROWD MANAGEMENT CAM1 – Single Camera Crowd Management License
  • SATATYA SAMAS CROWD MANAGEMENT CAM5 – 5 Camera Crowd Management License
  • SATATYA SAMAS CROWD MANAGEMENT CAM20 – 20 Camera Crowd Management License