IP Video Surveillance Solutions


Besides generic surveillance solutions, what modern day enterprises across all segments need is solution to specific problems like perimeter security, weigh bridge integration, parking management, crowd management, server management, storage costs, bandwidth availability, integration with access control and multi-location security. Generic video surveillance solutions do not cater to these problems due to which enterprises are often forced to purchase these solutions at a very high cost.

Matrix Comsec Pvt Ltd, perfectly understands each of these problems and Matrix Video Surveillance products are designed to solve these issues to satisfaction. Matrix’s smart video surveillance solutions are equipped with high end intelligent video analytics like Face Detection, People Counting, Trip-wire, Motion Detection, No Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Tailgating, Missing Object Detection, License Plate Recognition, Loitering, Vehicle Counting, Unauthorized Parking, Prohibited Parking, Improper Parking, Wrong Way Detection, Premise Availability, etc. to effectively counter these problems.

Large organizations are a combination of numerous systems working in harmony to produce a desired outcome. Such organizations require integrated security systems that can collate and corelate information and events from diverse systems such as access control, fire alarm, building management, telecom, etc.

Matrix video surveillance provides seamless integration of video surveillance with other security solutions such as access control, fire alarm, intrusion detection system, etc. Furthermore, this integration is at a database level leading to better control for end to end security with sharper investigation and faster response.